70% cacao
cannabis infused chocolate

made with
organic ingredients
& adaptogens

We believe that plants have the power to heal and sustain life, within our bodies and our environment. That’s why our line of artisanal edibles combines only the world’s finest, nutrient-rich, plant-based superfoods with pure CO2 extracted cannabis to elevate body, mind, soul and planet.

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designed to rejuvenate

salted caramel cashew bon bons

raw cacao, cashew butter, coconut nectar, ashwagandha, chaga, gotu kola & cannabis

designed for dreams

maple almond Butter bon bons

raw cacao, almond butter, ashwagandha, reishi, melatonin & cannabis

designed to uplift

hazelnut espresso bon bons

raw cacao, hazelnut butter, espresso, rhodiola, lion's mane & cannabis